Traffic offender program

The northern beaches Traffic offender program is an educational road safety program designed specifically for traffic offenders. We provide participants with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes to driving and to change negative driving behavior.
Our ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of participants committing any further traffic offences.

The northern beaches traffic offenders program is the only two day program of it's kind in Sydney, it consists of two, 3-hour sessions, they run from 6pm-9pm on two designated weeknights per month. You will be issued your certificate of completion once you complete both 3-hour sessions. Contact the bookings manager or visit the registration page for the next available dates.

If you have been convicted of a traffic offence you have the option of attending a traffic offender program. The northern beaches traffic offenders program provides participants with not only the skills and educational materials to make informed decisions whilst on the road, but also an opportunity to demonstrate to the magistrate that you are making an effort to learn from your mistakes. After successful completion of the program you will be issued a certificate which you are required to bring to court.

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