Retail DVD Installation Boot-132

It's always worth mentioning that this is an experiment. If you're here to get a 'cheap Mac' you might get more headaches and sleepless nights than results. Experimentation and learning are the keywords. This whole community is built on the shoulders of giants; do your part and help continuing building it by collaborating.

This guide is built/copied/tweaked from Munky's Munky's excellent thread on creating a vanilla install based on DFE's boot-132 loader. Thanks go to Macita and the others on the P5W thread for putting together a set of working kexts that work with this board.


  • correct BIOS settings [need link to this wiki's BIOS settings otherwise on Macita's post #409]
  • Macita's Boot-132 iso [need list/links of original kexts that are used in disk]
  • Retail Mac OS X Leopard (this will not work with the DVD's that come with Mac's, aka restore disk)
  • an harddrive that you can afford to format and repartition without fear of loss of data


  1. burn a CD using Macita's ISO.
  2. boot the CD and, when done loading, swap it for the retail Leopard DVD
  3. go through with the installation. Restart, boot again using the Macita ISO CD, follow the prompts, and you should have a fully operational Leopard installation.

Yes, it is that simple. Now, the interesting (read intricate) part comes: putting together the right kexts and choosing/setting the right bootloader for you. The newest version of the Chameleon bootloader is in the oven and should integrate Munky's efforts in an easily installable and robust program.

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