Known Issues


  • Sleep causes SMART error for IDE drives - error will disappear after shutdown only. But the HD will work fine.

MBR / Spaces in the name of the Partition

  • When you initialize/format a new hackintosh system disc as MBR then never use names with SPACES! (like "Mac OS X") - the result would be that you won't be able to start from that partition without using the bootloader of the installation disc! (renaming after installation will not help btw)

Disc mounting message after boot / 320kb error message

  • You can get rid of this by either configuring your disks as ahci in bios instead of standard ide (this is located in a sub menu on the first page in bios)(this option also causes windows not boot) or connecting your sata disk to the orange sata connectors and configuring then so they work normally.

Slow USB and no Firewire

  • After install put AppleUSBEHCI.kext in extra folder and remove AppleHPET.kext from S/L/E.
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