FAQ and Explanation of some OSX86 related terms:

Is it worth to install OS X on a P5W DH Deluxe System?
one word: Yes

Does OS X run stable on a P5W DH Deluxe?
Rock solid!

What is EFI-X?
EFI-X is a module that makes it possible to install from the OS X retail DVD and to use the Apple Software Update.
Currently the P5W DH Deluxe is not official supported by EFI-X but it is reported to work fine.

What is Boot-132?
Boot-132 is a bootloader you can put it on USB stick/CD/DVD and boot a vanilla install / retail OS X DVD

What is GUID?
GUID is a partition table - standard on real intel based Macs

What is a Vanilla Kernel?
Vanilla Kernel is the original unmodified Kernel of OS X

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